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Ability to Export as Mono Audio File

I've suggested this before, but since 4.0 seems to be on it's way, I wanted to just put my 2 cents in again...

Maybe it's just the way I work, so it wouldn't be worth the Propellerheads adding this feature in if not many users would benefit, but currently I don't mess with Rewire...I export all my tracks as individual audio files to be mixed in and recorded over (vocals) in Protools.

I'm working with a limited amount of audio tracks being available in PT, so whenever something can be mono (no real stereo elements to the instrument or sound), I do it to save on the number of tracks I'm using.

Currently, I'm having to export from Reason as a stereo audio file, open Cool Edit, convert to mono, then pull into PT (I can also mixdown from stereo to mono within PT, but it's realtime, and takes a while).

It would really save me time, and the number of programs I use if I could simply export certain tracks as mono audio files direct from Reason.

Just my little wish. Thanks for listening. Peace!
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