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Sync Question HELP!

Can you please help me with this question ? I have a gig next week and my Apple system is not stable anymore, so I have to make an alternate system.

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Hi Peeps,

I have a question. I'm setting a back up PC laptop system for my apple G4 (think about that 4 a minute...)

It's an XP Machine (1.5mhz) with a EGO RomIO midi USB port connected to it. I have ableton 3.1.4 and Reason 2.5. Everything is controlled by a Yamaha RM1-x MIDI controller.

I want to sync Reason to Ableton. Reason sound is routed to ableton.
But here's were the trouble starts:

I am able to make the EGO ROMio as a sync input for ableton. But, when I want Reason to accept the EGO Rom io as input for MIDI control, I get an error message ("MIDI problem, the MIDI port may be in use by another program") which is true, but unhelpful to me!

Now ableton syncs with my MIDI controller, but no sounds are heard from Reason...

How do I fix this? I know it should work, because it works with my Apple G4 set up. Anybody out there?

Thanks in advance 4 your help!

The Netherlands


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