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Old 2005-06-05, 16:13
jlgrimes jlgrimes is offline
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Sequencer enhancements Reason could use

Reason is a great program for having a wide variety of sounds available and for coming up with your own sound but I feel its sequencer has been left behind in upgrades. If Reason can step its game up on midi sequencing, it can really steal the market. Here are some suggestions I have for improving the sequencer. Since Reason is now pretty close to hardware sounding, it sequencer should be giving more priority.

Transport functions:

1. Metronome count-in. This should be user selectable where the user has the choice of disabling or enabling it on either/or playback and recording. Having to transport a bar earlier is a bit frustrating for an ex MPC and current Sonar user.

2. Auto rewind to point of play initiation after pressing stop option. Different sequencers handle this differently, Sonar has auto rewind, Logic (I heard) has a separate pause and stop button. The Mpc has a play and a play start button. The point is that having to manually navigate where you need to record all the time is time consuming especially if you are always recording from the same start point.

3. Markers or locate points. Reason is lacking in this department period.

4. Recording process should be rethought. Reason's recording methodology is similar to working a tape deck. Press Record and play to actually record. I don't feel this is needed, you should be able to start recording just by pressing *.

5. Mpc loop style recording. I offered this suggestion on a Sonar forum and got ignored big time on this but I know there are some ex mpc users who miss this. The mpc combined overwrite and overdub in its normal loop recording method. It also has two recording buttons Overwrite and Overdub. Overwrite only overwrites on the initial loop phase after the loop point is reached, overdub is engaged. I find this methodology makes the most sense. Tell me what is the purpose of loop recording in overwrite after you reach a loop point in Reason. If it changed to Overdub after the loop point, I would no longer have to undo bad takes I could just record over them and overdub things I missed on my first loop pass. It is almost a shame that the Mpc is the only sequencer that thought about this.

6. Ability to Disable auto scroll.

Midi editing:

Rethink the swing function: Reasons swing interface is a little confusing right now and limited. I think Reason should adopt the 50% rule where a swing value of 50% is no swing. 67% is triplet style swing. Anything under 50% is reverse swing. Also swing on the sequencer shouldn't be a quantize setting called shuffle (16th note swing only in other words)it should be a latch which can be turned on for any quantize setting. That would make swing very flexible. I also heard requests that users want individual redrum mods to have independent swing. That sounds like a good idea but I don't use redrum that much. My main point is that Reason can improve the swing function greatly.

2. Auto clip making. Having to group your midi data before you can move it is time consuming. Period.

3. Better manipulation of clips. Sonar 4 works wonderful with clips. You can crop them. They respond pretty smoothly graphically and you can mute whole clips or sections of them. There are others things I am leaving out. But Reasons clip structure is a little too basic right now.

4. Piano roll window can be hard to read. I think this might be due to Reason's limitation of always having auto scroll on makes it hard to do any serious midi editing while the sequencer is playing.

5. Step sequencer is needed for piano roll editor. Think Passport Trax or Cubases's/Logic's implementation of this.

6. Ability to do tempo changes.

7. Abiltiy to double click in the tempo view and change the tempo numerically (especially for the finer res tempo parameter). This would make looping samples a lot easier.

8. Tap tempo.

I feel these upgrades would take Reason's sequencer to the pro level,

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