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NN-XT vs Ensoniq Transwaves

I would love to see the following synthesizer-like feature from the Ensoniq EPS/ASR-range of samplers in NN-XT:

* Ensoniq Transwaves: The sample is treated like a wavetable divided into chunks, with the first chunk (index 0) being defined by the current loop start and loop end. The next chunk (index 1) starts at loop end + 1 and ends at loop end + (1 + loop end - loop start) and so on until index 127 (or other suitable max). It is then possible to sweep through the wavetable using a modulator, for instance an LFO or the modulation wheel. This relatively simple technique can yield great sounding and/or trashy sounds.
A new loop mode "transwaves" would be required and possibly also some modulation range controls, but that's pretty much it parameter wise.

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