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Old 2005-06-06, 02:17
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Revised Track by Dance FX 21 - Thunder Blast - SoundClick


*Thunder Blast* which has only been available on the Reason Song Archive is now uploaded to SoundClick as a revised version. The start is very much the same apart from some cleaning up work. However, there are some major changes to the track after the piano and string section. Most of the original parts are still intact but the robotic-saw parts have been considerably cleaned up so that the reverb delay effect is not drowning out the rest of the track.

The theme has been altered slightly by the insertion of addtional string parts along with a staccato high end synth. The thunder sound has less of an explosive character now and sounds much more like the roll of thunder as it should have been in the first instance. This way, it?s far cleaner and more in keeping with the track.

The overall balance is improved with the use of the mClass mastering suite. The stereo image has also been greatly enhanced by extensive panning work to the robotic-saw parts as well as the use of a stereo imager on each channel of the 4 band compressor set-up on the main output. Finally, the track at just over 4 min is exactly the same length as the original, so it?s short and snappy as dance tracks go.

*Thunder Blast* (revised) is available by using the link below. As always, all comments or suggestions are welcome so don?t be shy!


Dance FX 21

Thunder Blast (rev)

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