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Old 2005-06-06, 15:12
sblade sblade is offline
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Open-source Reason for Linux, Windows + VST etc.

Don't know how many of you will be interested in this...

I recently installed Linux and have become fairly acquainted with the various tools and apps it has. I now use it for 90% of everything.

My only gripe is a lack of decent music software.

I tried getting Reason to work with WINE, and the WINE guys were very helpful in assisting me in debugging WINE to getting to a state where Reason will start. However, it just quits after the preferences dialog when first run.

Originally, someone showed me Reason and said "you wanna make something like that, but better." A tall order. But I like the style of interface, I find it easier to use than the traditional "oh look! It's a load of rectangles with lines connecting them!" style.

So I set about making something similar, but different.

At present I aim to have the rack-style interface as the main similarity. The rest (MIDI/sample editors etc) I have rough ideas for, but they won't be identical to Reason.

The primary platform will be Linux, but I'm ensuring to use portable libraries so it should run on Windows too - and possibly Mac.

I intend to support existing plugins as a main aim, rather than to just define my own standard and stick with that - although I hope to introduce my own format in the future (which will possibly use XML to describe the panel layout and possible connections, allowing users to customize the GUI if they wish.) - but that's another issue.

Why am I doing this? Personal challenge mainly. I have a desire to make it. I hope others may find it useful.

If you're interested in how it currently works or to read more, hop on over to:

There's a primitive screenshot on the download page, and a source code snapshot (updated nightly - may not compile if I didn't finish what I was doing that day!)

There's also a forum where I post various ideas for discussion.

I'd appreciate if anyone can offer some input - but please don't try and change this project into what it's not. I've had too many people saying "why don't you do this instead..." which usually involves making something *completely* different, usually because they don't like spaghetti cabling. Some of us do!!

- Andrew / Silver Blade
Chronisys Project

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