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Old 2005-06-09, 16:01
eeriksalke eeriksalke is offline
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Finer Sample Start/End Point Editing in NNXT...

Personally the thing that I want to see most in Reason 3, since I do a lot of hip hop, is the ability to do finer sample start/end point editing inside the NNXT.

At the moment the start/end points are edited via percentages which just isn't detailed enough for longer samples and musical passages, of which I have many.

The way I see it there are three possible solutions, all fairly straightforward.....

(1) Have a button that allows for a visual edit of the start/end points to occour right inside the window of the NNXT, as you would do inside an MPC for example. This would be superb, what else can I say. Some simple zooming tools as well would be the icing on the cake here.

(2) Allow a choice between editing via percentages, or at the sample level, on the current set of start/end point knobs. This is how the ASR-10 and ASR-X (classic hip hop tools, esp the 10) do their sample editing and it would be enough if the scrolling is implemented well.

(3) At the very least it would be awesome to have a button that automatically opens your currently chosen sample on your designated sample editing software so that you can do all your necessary edits in there. Even Tracktion, a much more basic piece of software, can do this. It'd be something, def better than the manual routine of opening/loading/editing/saving/closing as I have to do now which kills workflow.

I believe that finer sample editing (and visual as well) is the reason why Fruityloops seems to still be the most popular platform among hip-hop software producers (think 9th Wonder), though Reason could easily fix this. Seriously, I'm lobbying for this one, this is but my first post of many more to come on this same topic. I'll travel to Sweden if I have to.

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