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Old 2005-06-13, 21:32
klhowells klhowells is offline
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Rotate Note Editor view (and standard notation editor/tools)

I have Reason 3.0 and like it very much.
I'd sure like to be able to rotate the note editor view so the piano keyboard is across the top of the window, oriented the way I face the keyboard when playing. Time would be on the vertical axis, with later times at the bottom. This would be a true 'piano roll' view. I think I would find this much more intuitive.

Also, a facility for rendering midi tracks in standard music notation would be a big help, especially when I record something spontaneous and want to review and practice it. My sight-reading skills are meager, but I've been used to the format for a long time. I play from 'fake books' a lot, which have a staff for the melody and chords indicated above that. Something like that would be great for sketching out new pieces. I have Sonar 4, which does have a notation view, but so far printing what's displayed has been disastrous. I'd also like to be able to compose instandard notation and have Reason translate it to midi.

I know these would be major projects, but I think this would be much more of an enhancement than adding a few new gizmos or arcane interconnection tricks.

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