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Old 2005-06-24, 09:07
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Head Chemists tutorial #1 in General Forum: Multiband Fx

Here's a quick tutorial (for 3.0) I made about a technique I've been using lately on the Head Chemists project, Bittersweet Melody. I've gained so much from the prop community, so I figured it's only fair to try to add my share of content back. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Multiband fx is a technique I?ve been using on the latest Head Chemists album, Bittersweet Melody. The object is to create very complex synth or sampled sounds where all the complexity it dependent on the source. In theory this is a simple technique: split your audio source into 4 bands of EQ (lows, low mids, high mids, highs), and add a unique effect to each band. I?ve found the challenge is in selecting effects that mesh well together.

First, let me present to the Reason community a combi patch that splits any input source into 4 bands of eq. (Copy the link below for a zip file that contains all the patches, rns files and skins used in this tutorial.)

4 band split.cmb

View Screenshot

I started with the multiband compressor mastering patch in the Factory Sound Bank, and utilized the separate outs to reduce the number of stereo imagers needed. Each band of EQ then runs to a spider audio, which allows for the preservation of the original audio as well as the effected audio. As you can see from the screenshot, the 4 combi dials control the effected audio level, and the four buttons mute and un-mute the original audio source.

Now for the effects! For ease of use, I have prepared a rns file where the 4 bands of EQ run to 4 separate combinators wherein the effects are contained

Basic setup.rns
Default fx patch.cmb

This basic setup is ideal for designing sounds because all you need to do is press the browse button on the malstrom, and select the patch you want to use, and the appropriate device will load itself in place of the mal. Now press the browse button on the advanced reverb and you can select any reverb or scream patch. Of course, you can replace the device with any other effect.

Here are some setups I find aurally pleasing. Many of the patches use the vocoder to split the audio source into 4 bands instead of the stereo imager. Using the 4-band EQ setup in the vocoder will reduce the quality of the source, and this works well with many sounds. Many of the below patches have been condensed into one combi patch for ease of use. Be sure to check out the Coldplay X&Y vocal patch I?ve been working on. Using multiband effects, I?ve been trying to simulate the vocal effects they used on the new album. Extremely pronounced letters like ?p? ?t? ?s? ?b? etc help make this effect (which my vocal sample doesn't really have, but you can still hear the effect).

Listen to an example of lead1 in a Head Chemists song (unmastered).

Lead1 example.rns

Coldplay X&Y vocal setup.rns

Bass fx3.cmb (external routing)
Bass fx3 example.rns



Finally, a mastering patch and the Head Chemists combi skin for good measure.


I hope you find this technique useful, and I'd love to see more patches you all create of this nature.

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