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Old 2005-06-24, 13:59
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CM Motor Mix Control Surface possible with Reason ?

I want to use my Control Surface "Motor Mix" from CM Labs (aka CM Automation) with Reason. But there is a problem with it.

Whether in Pro Tools Mode nor in Standard Mode (Motor Mix' working modes), Reason won't recognize the right MIDI-signal inputs.

here's what I've done so far:

- Set up the control surface in the Preferences as "MIDI Controller", the right MIDI-Channel has been recognized by the FIND button, by moving a slider and the device is available to be used with Reason.

- Went to Options/Remote Override Edit Mode, clicked on it, Reason turned into that mode correctly. So that the remote can be mapped. Is that the right way mapping the controller ?

- Gone to Reason's Mixer and wanted to assign Mixer 1 - Channel 1 Level to the first slider on the controller, which worked out and was accepted by Reason. But by assigning the second slider in the Mixer window, the second slider gives back the same MIDI data as the first one, so the program asks if I want to replace the assignment. What I declined and aborted the Setup.

- Then I tested to configure manually by choosing the correct MIDI channels from the list. Which primarily worked, I assigned the first three sliders to the mixer-sliders in Reason and they were accecpted, but when moving one of the three sliders Reason doesn't interprete the data correctly so that the sliders in reason are flickering up and down at their will and the sound is following like the sliders jumping, it seems that there are only three positions the sliders can be positioned in Reason - Totally down - middle - and 0dB. So no working control at all.

I tried to configure the Remote controller as a normal "MIDI Controller" and as a "MIDI Controller Multichannel" with the same effect described above.

I'm using a Midiman midisport 2x2 MIDI-Interface with Reason 3.0 Demo.

The "Motor Mix" works in Cubase SX 2 without any problems the slider movements are smooth and quick as they should be = Total control, but the surface is directly supported in Cubase, where Reason has no direct support for it.

I would like to know, if it's possible to use it in Reason, what can I do to take a use of my Control surface in Reason ? I would like to know if it can be done before bying Reason.

Thanks in advance.

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