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Old 2005-08-20, 09:07
WillYum WillYum is offline
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Best controler for Reason hands down. A must have!

Please read this!
I answered someones controller question below and felt that this controller is a must have for any Reason 3 user.

I hope you did not pick up anything yet. The BCF2000 is a $200 motorized faders controller......I don't know if you heard me, Flying faders for only $200.....

There is nothing I can say right now to get you to believe how incredible Reason 3 native support is for this unit.

It is nothing short of amazing when every track you click on the faders, rotery knobs and buttons jump into proper position....On every device....on every patch.....

Even when you are auditioning sounds, as you scroll through the different patches, the faders are jumping into thier new positions......Oh my god, and mixing, what a see 8 faders but the 8th fader is always master volume, so on the mixer there are 14 channels, on the BCF2000 it is channel 1-7 plus master (8) then you hit one button and everything jumps to channels 8-14 plus master (8)

I will never ever go back to non-motorized faders.

Trust me on 1 thing...if you do not get the BCF2000, then don't ever use it cause I gaurentee you will kick yourself in the ass for not buying it.

Also if you use live or any other daw, The BCF2000 has an emulated 'Mackie Control' mode which is so cool. No more programing the controls for each channel. If you add a channel in the day the BCF2000 automatically springs up an active channel. And if you delete a channel all of the fader and control positions slide down one to match the new setup.

The BCF2000 is by far the most slept on controller. Get it and don't look back.

I work for FDNY, not for Behringer.

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