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Old 2005-06-28, 01:00
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each of these was probably suggested before...

...but i cant contain myself.

this is what i need.

the lack of them will not make me stop using/buying upgraded versions of/loving reason, but i'd really like them.

1. nnxt really needs to be able to open redrum patches. that would rock.

2. TIMESTRETCH. i cannot stress this enough. some basic stretch algorhythm. something. anything. the nn19-sample start-32nd note-ddl feedback just ain't cuttin it anymore.

3. yeah, yeah, tempo, time sig, blah.

4. vsti's can bite me. stay in your territory. but making reason a rewire host as well as a client would be neat.

5. flags/markers on the sequencer. the p/l/r/e markers are on the top ruler, howzabout infinite user-numbered flags on the bottom of the ruler? like, top of the screen like the other flags, but upside down and on the bottom. come on.

6. midi out would be neat, but not necessary by any means.

7. multiple keyboard support! remote is bomb, no contest there, and multiple controllers is great. but what happens when i want to use my dr-660 to rock out a redrum and my ensoniq eps to play a rhodes nnxt patch and my evo mk-425 to play a 303 combi? yes, i do have 6 arms, thanks.

......thats all for now. im sure ill have more.

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