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total newb with a suggestion

dear reason experts,

I just came along and posted my first question. It feels "reasonable" for me to make a suggestion as well as it is closly related to my earlier posted question.

Suggestion initiator:
I as a total newb still dont know how reason ( 1, 2, 2.5 or 3.0 ) can help me make music like i hear on everyday radio ( although we all know 90% of what we hear there is from systems like reason ), most notably focals and string ensambles make me wonder.

Suggestion equaliser:
How about having propellerheads dealing into 1st class microphones and the likes to make it possible for us to use more vocals and more nature sounds like a spanish guitar?

Suggestion goal:
Yet another way for propellerheads to draw more ( well deserved ) attention from both investors and consumers

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