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Old 2005-07-01, 03:38
radicalG radicalG is offline
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Customization in Color and Faces on All Machines??

It would be great if you could utilize the same functionality of the faceplate combi-backdrop into making faces for all your instruments.

I sometimes feel like the lack of new visual stimulis contributes to lack of excitement towards a song. My eyes are bored, and making the combi backdrops with skulls and religious figures and trees and flowers and all that makes me want to get deeper into the visuals...

It would be nice even if I could just choose "Maelstrom color: Red, Black, White, Green, Blue, Yellow..."

Because, sometimes My N-XT is feeling Kinda Blue...and sometimes It needs skulls because I'm making some industrial strength Tech Step bomber bass line that has trouble written all over it...

I'd love to know if this is already possible too....

(Oh, and this is in reference to the "choose patch cable colors" which I totalyl agree with too.


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