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Old 2005-07-10, 12:41
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WHy sould i pay my money if there are still bugs in it...

i have not upgraded to version 3 because of these bugs in the software..

and will not unless those at Propheads can say that the softwrare is bug free...

why should i pay money for something that has problems?...

the same goes with all software..

if there are problems then fix them then i'll pay for it..but why should i pay my money for something that doesn't work the way the companies claim the software is supposted to work...

this seems like we can sell a product that doesn't live up to our claims...

FIX YOUR BUGS AND I'LL PAY, BUT if you do not, why should i pay for a defective product and i won't pay but i'll pirate until you fix the bugs....

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