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Old 2005-07-13, 18:24
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MIDI-to-CV converter: Fun with drum pads

It would be nice to have a Reason device to change incoming MIDI events to CV signals. I know that CV signal sources have been suggested before, but since I'm approaching this as a drum pad user, I think there are some features here that haven't been suggested. The MIDI-to-CV device I'm thinking of would take incoming MIDI note events and controller messages then generate gate and note CV signals. The gate CV duration, gate CV level, and note CV level would be controlled as follows.

Gate CV duration controlled by one of the following:
1) same duration as MIDI note duration
2) fixed duration as configured in the MIDI-to-CV device (i.e. always 150ms)
3) duration based on MIDI note velocity (i.e. velocity * 1ms), so hitting harder gives longer note
4) duration based on controller value (i.e. CC * 1ms), so depressing a pedal gives longer note
5) optionally quantize duration (not the gate start time) to 1/4 notes, etc. based on tempo

Gate CV level controlled by one of the following:
1) same as MIDI note velocity
2) fixed level as configured in the MIDI-to-CV device
3) level based on controller value

Note CV level controlled by one of the following:
1) same as MIDI note number
2) transposed MIDI note number
3) arpeggio starting with MIDI note number or other note (chord configured in the MIDI-to-CV device)
4) fixed note level
5) pattern sequence triggered by MIDI note

Here are some possible applications for drum pads.

1) Controlling note duration. Drum pads typically have very short note duration. This is fine for one-shot sounds and drums, but not for other sounds that need a little longer duration. Some drum modules let you configure the note duration, but it's fixed. It would be nice to control the duration dynamically using a controller pedal, or have the duration change depending on how hard you hit the pad.

2) Controlling filter parameters and other controls. The CV signals could also be used to control parameters. For instance, the note from a drum pad could generate a gate CV signal for controlling a filter applied to a running pattern. If the gate duration is controlled by note velocity, then hitting the pad harder would cause the filter resonance to jump to a value for a longer time, while hitting it softer would cause it to jump for a shorter time before returning to the original value. If the gate level is controlled by note velocity, hitting the pad harder would make the resonance jump to a higher value.

3) Triggering patterns. Hitting a drum pad could trigger an arpeggio or other pattern to play a Reason instrument device.

I'm sure there are other uses as well.

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