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Modular Synthesis anyone?

For a future version of reason, I would like to see some lower level and simpler modules, roughtly as follows (for starter):

Polyphonic note handler
Its job is just to assign note in tracks to synths module following a variety of assignment algorithms.

Effectively this serves as your poly note to Note CV + Gate converter.

You could use this for assigning to poly matrix pattern to create mad arps with multiple matrix devices for eg - and due to various assign modes, you would have a true multi-mode arp (in conjunction with one or more matrix devices)

Mono Oscillator modules
Similar to those we have in sub and malstrom and a very high quality sine generator (for FM combiner use), sample/wave playback and some noise variations.

The Osc modules would feature a osc sync input, pitch bend CV, note and gate CV (gate doubling as velocity if required). They dont need to be fancy - as you just combined them for thicker waves - multisaw for eg (though multisaw might be more efficiently done in a single osc).

LFO generators
Whole stack of LFO waveform shapes

Audio Combiners/Modulators
A bunch of combiner modules - from basic mix with CV modulation, ring mod, FM + whatever else comes to mind. Combinered should be modulatable via a CV.

CV Combiners/Modulators
Basically a bunch of arithmetric combiner operators for summing, multiplying, inverting (subtracting) log convert (for panning) etc. Use is to module one CV with another.

Enveloper generators
Take a gate (including velocity) and generate an envelope CV. It would be desirable to be able to effect aspects of the envelope with CV inputs

Multi-mode filters 12db (dont need 24 as they are stackable) - modulated by CV.
LP, BP, HP, Notch, Comb, Ladder. Controls: freq, reso, overdrive.

Wave shapers
Just does wierd things to the wave form, modulated by a CV

+ whatever else makes sense - I just like the idea of taking the wiring hackery of reason to its logical extreme.

Think multi operator FM synths, yet with a stack of tradition analogue type functions at various points in the chain - extreme sound morphing, hard sync across multiple oscillators and synthesis techniques, hard sync between an osc and a sample (on zero crossings) or a sample wave.

The list goes on - basically extreme wierd sh*t

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