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Old 2005-07-17, 22:29
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Reason 3.0.3 MIDI input problem in Rewire mode

I recently upgraded to Reason 3 after running 2.5 for some time. I used to be able to load up my vsti host (Ableton Live) and trigger vsti's within Ableton whilst SIMULTANEOUSLY using the same midi input port within Reason. So, I could trigger both a vsti within Ableton at the same time as a rack device in Reason. I simply assigned the midi input port in Ableton as the same as in Reason. That way I could layer (play both simultaneously) or use whichever one I chose to turn on for live performances. This worked fine when I ran Ableton and Reason 2.5 but as soon as I upgraded to 3.0 Reason complains that the midi port is in use and that it cannot be used. I only have one controller and it seems wrong to have to have two controllers to simply trigger both applications. I'm running in Rewire mode, and I launch Reason after I fire up Ableton Live. What can I do to fix this?

P.S. I thought 3.0 was my problem but patching up to 3.0.3 did not help.

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