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Old 2005-05-21, 15:25
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Uc-33, remote, or me

is it me or my controller.

I have tried in vain to use reason 3 with the uc-33 and I know other have.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I want to use it to control knows for progrmaing sounds. I set it maelstrom and I think I have it st to program 5 on the uc-33 but I am not sure.

sometimes the knobs work but dont control what they are suppose to , I cahnge the program thining that was it and the knobs that work change. some knobs work others dont. change program and some other knobs work and different ones dont. I know I am just overlooking something but the manual, written like the rosetta stone, helpful, it is not (read as Yoda)

slowly I must be going mad with desire to get this to work, but if someone could help me.

even though 2.5 didnt work seemlessly at least it worked.

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