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Old 2005-08-11, 06:13
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The CVMD-x4: an alternative to Combi-in-Combi

The CVMD-x4 : Control Voltage Manipulator/Distributer - 4 channels

A programmable CV manipulation device with 'hardware' CV I/O would do the trick.

Picture this, a 1 RU device with 4 channels. Each channel has 1 knob and one button. The button and the knob share CV in and each channel has 4 CV outs. Each channel is switchable to use either knob or button (not both).

The rest of the device is a Combi styled programmer. The programmer would let you define operating ranges for each channel. For instance, you could select channel 1 and set its range to min=45 and max=127. Then, when the knob receives CV in or sequencer automation, its output is limited to 45-127. Being able to set min-127 and max=45 would be usefull as well. I button mode, the CV outs would either output a constant 45 or 127.

The programmer would also let you invert independent outputs per channel. In other words, Ch1 CV outputs 3 and 4 would be inverted, while all Ch2 CV outs would be normal.

The knobs/buttons would of course respond to the knobs/buttons of a Combi, if it's inside one. This will allow for greater expandability/controllability for devices inside Combi's (outside of them as well).

So I pretty much just ripped off the Combi's CV routing programmer and knob/button set-up and added cabled CV I/O's and the output inversion option.

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