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Old 2005-08-05, 08:39
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Possible Small (Very Small) Browser Bug Discovered?

One of my new favorite features in R3 is the browser. It inarguably makes work flow a thousand and one times faster. I honestly don?t know how we all got along without. Simply phenomenal.

One of my favorite features about is that you can change not just the patch but the actual device. For example say you have a Combi w/ an NN-XT routed through numerous effects, you can easily change that NN-XT to a Sub or Mal no problem with all the routing just the same. Essentially the ability to audition and swap out devices in a few clicks with no rerouting.

Except with the Dr. Rex. If you have Dr. Rex it doesn?t allow you the "All Instruments" setting in the Browser like the other instruments and effects (well ?All Effects? for the effects). I noticed this when I had a basic Combi that I use to fatten up the Dr. Rex (just a Scream, compressor, etc) and I wanted to swap it out to use a Redrum instead. The area to select ?All Instruments? or just the patches for that devices was grayed out. This is the only device that behaves this way.

If it's not a bug I wonder why? It's not because it's loops as the NN-XT loads Rex files and you can swap out the device easily.

Any ideas?


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