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Using .wav loops

A friend has used Acid Music in the past for music composition, and I'm trying to convince him to switch over to Reason because it's so much more flexible and we'd be able to collaborate.

He has a ton of loop .wav files, though, and I know he's reluctant to change. I was doing some tinkering to see if one could use those loops in a similar way in Reason. My thinking was that having his existing loops available for composition in Reason would help him along in the switchover.

The best way I've found so far is to load the loops into the Redrum device, but some loops are shorter than others and repeat when I don't want them to. Sure, you can tweak the "Length" setting, but is there a better way to handle this so that the sample plays through only one time, with no decay? I suppose having to manually set the length on the samples isn't the worst chore in the world...

(Sure would be cool to have the "Length" control have an option to automatically match the length of the sample, with no decay)

Suggestions appreciated!


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