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Old 2005-08-19, 20:58
latavish latavish is offline
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Need some Understanding on my Studio Setup! Any Help Welcome

Hi Reason Fans!

I'm almost completed my Reason setup. I'm going out to purchase my final piece today. Its going to be a Controller Mixer.

Here is what I currently have as my setup. Pics avalible if anyone is intersted..

Here is my setup

P4 3.2ghz Extreme processor
2 gigs of Ram
2x 19 inch digital LCD Flat Screens Monitors
Hard Drive 1: 150 gigs at 10,000rpms
Hard Drive 2: 250 gigs at 7500rpms
M-Audio Audiophile 192 Sound Card
2 Truth Powered Monitors

Reason 3.0 ( registered)
I dont know how many Refills

Korg Kontrol49
Roland S88 Fantom Workstation
Controller Mixer Comming Soon

Now that I have gotten that out of the is my question and I just wanted to make sure that I have a clear understanding on how this will work. And someone please tell me if i'm wrong and help me out.

Now that my Reason setup. After my reason setup is completed I will then start to build up my Hardware studio to go along with my Reason studio. So I want everything to be able to work together. Now this is what I plan on adding to my Reason Studio.

Roland V-Synth 2.0 (Rack Version)
Some Effects Processors (dont know which ones yet)
Maybe some other Korg Synth (dont know which one yet)

Now to make this all work I will I need a digital recorder or could I use something like Sonar to bring everything all together?

For example..would a session go something like this..

1. Start a new track with Reason
2. Rewire Reason with Sonar
3. V-Synth goes thru effects processors and that goes into my audio card that goes thru Sonar
4. Use Sonar to record from those devices thats also Rewired to Reason so they all play at the same time.

This is just a theory on how I THINK this may work. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong. Or can someone tell me how all of these things would be put together when have a FULL studio. (soft synths and hardware)

Thanks a million..


P.S. would a digital recorder or software be best like (sonar,cubas)

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