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Old 2005-08-19, 23:19
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FR: Transport stop when the End marker is reached.

A small thing but if it could be implemented, I think this would be handy and convenient.

I'd like it if the transport would automatically go to stopped mode when the marker with the "E" on it is reached, assuming that ever happens. (In the case of a looped song it might not.)

Any material placed after the end could still be played, but the user (or song creator) would have to click the Play button again, or hit the Space bar a second time, once the playback line had halted on the End marker.

Doing this would keep "extra bits" placed past the song end from being heard in normal playback, but wouldn't prevent song authors from using that extra space as a kind of pasteboard (as in Photoshop, et cetera) or workspace.

Is there a reason why this might not be feasible, or why it would be a bad idea?

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