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Old 2005-09-03, 21:19
kaustik kaustik is offline
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Making a 303 patch for the Subtractor??

Just playing around with things, seeing if a comparable 303 Bass patch can be made.
I've got ReBirth ReWired and playing it side by side with the Subtractor.
(Subtractor in Left Speaker and ReBirth's 303 playing in Right Speaker)

There are some very subtle, and some not so subtle differences, the 303 from ReBirth has a slightly de-tuned sound and a much more Dull initial note, Like some of the top-end has been EQ'd out.
I note the range of the Acid-Squeel on the 303 is much broader than that of the Squeel-ability of the Subtractor.

Has anyone made something close???
Probably Due To Network Congestion

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