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Here's my wishlist...

Some of this has been mentioned by others, and I suppose that there are things here that can be achieved with the current version of Reason, but here goes:

I would like to have some indication in the RMB popup menu that an input/output is already in use elsewhere when connecting cables, and also an OK/Cancel

dialog box when a new cable will disrupt an existing connection. The dialog box will probably be unneccesary when connecting using drag'n'drop instead of the

popup menu.

Some form of window which shows the cabling as diagrams - handy when things are getting complex.

User selectable font for the "tape strips" - and not all CAPS!

A preference that will turn off automatic creation of sequencer tracks.

Like so many others; I would like the combi to have more knobs and buttons - maybe with an option for how many are in use and visible.

Also I think the combi should incorporate more MIDI functionality; echo, arpeggio, logic transformers etc. Unlike the CV/Gate connections, the MIDI effects

would of course be polyphonic...

Live usage:
The possibility to create special song files containing combis selectable by program change, where the combis could have their own tempo/sync setup. This

would make it possible to load a whole live set (RAM permitting) and switch instantly between various setups.

New devices:
I would like to see filters, EGs, LFOs etc already present in the Malstr

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