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Audio into wave editor

I have a Waveterminal 192L soundcard and, apart from Reason 3, I run Audacity wave editor.

What I want to do is to record audio clips from DVDs (which I then use on a non-commercial basis in my tunes)directly from the DVD into Audacity.

It seems to me that the standard way of recording audio from DVDs is to use a DVD audio ripper. I have tried a few demos but they all seem to have one major disadvantage, and that is you cannot play the DVD, stop when you get to an interesting passage and then record a few seconds of audio from there. You have to record big chunks of audio at a time and then look for something you can use in the big rendered file.

It would be great if I could make my computer DVD player act like an audio input source into my soundcard. Then I could simply start and stop recording straight into Audacity while listening to the audio and seeing the visuals.

I dont know if this is possible, but I would appreciate some ideas on this.


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