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Additional Remote Keyboard Controle?

what im working with
M-Audio Key-station 49e (just keyboard with pitch & mod adj) via USB
Behringer BCF2000 via USB (8 faders 16 buttons 8push encoders X 4 groups 4 global buttons and 2 buttons to select which of the 32 presets your using) Factory presets 4 & 5 are listed as reason mixer 1 & 2

what my problem
when i start reason nothing with work even on presets 4 and 5 unless i go to the mixer and for each fader or knob click on it and select the remote override mapping and then move the fader i want it to be assigned to.

the controller surface manual only lists the BCF controls for mixer redrum bv-512vocoder and the matrix

the Midi implementation chart shows all the controls that can be mapped to a controller and the midi controller number that it would be mapped to on the side but i cant seem to make sense of how that works with the presets 4&5 of the bcf2000 (for instance the NN-XT the pitch and wheel are controlled by the pitch and mod wheel on the key station 49e (and the on screen wheel that has external control listed by it doesnt move at all) the master volume is controlled by the number 8 fader when I'm on preset 5 and the decay knob is controlled by the number 7 fader when on preset 4

i have also read that the push encoders will only act as buttons or knobs in reason and the the 4th group wont do anything because they represent the level of the faders. is this the best the bcf2000 can do or can i redo the mapping to my liking.

please help me make sense of all this or let me know where to go to figure it out. i have read through all the manuals for reason and even purchased the Reason Power and reason ignite (for 2.5 so its a little off on the midi help)
what is the difference between keyboard control and the remote override and what does "additional remote overrides" mean

does keyboard control mean the key station 49e or does it mean the typing keyboard for those who don't have a midi keyboard controller?

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