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Old 2005-10-07, 18:01
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Using Ableton Live (as sequencer) + Reason (as Synth/Sound)

Hello !!

I bought Reason a long time ago and I like it !!

I just bought Ableton Live in order to creat a Live band with a friend of mine.

We have many possibilities but we don't know how to choose the best.

Our needs:
- make a live set (not just push play button, really play)
- use control surfaces and master keyboard to control everything in Reason

We're thinking about Live which may be used as a sequencer (Session view) and we began to compose our tracks with it.
We create several BassDrum riff, several Ch/oh riffs, bass riff etc etc in session view.

Do you use Ableton and Reason as we do ?
Any tips ?

Is it THE solution to compose and make live set ? ?

See u !!

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