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Reason vs Ableton Live

Reason was the program that changed my life but I wanted to step out of the closed environment so I checked out Live 5. Incredible program I must say!

Although both programs work great with each other I find myself nowadays not using Reason that much anymore. Live feels somehow for me as a step ahead over Reason but that's probably just personal.

Here are my findings:

Advantages Live 5 over Reason 3:
- superb audio format support (mp3!)
- instant, glitchfree jamming and live performing
- superior audio previewing
- better workflow
- better browser integration and file management
- VST support
- audio recording
- even more fun to use
- no horrible refill format
- a lot more frequent updates, will outdate Reason soon
- extremely well suited for dj-ing and remixing
- auto beatmatching
- superior timestretching, no need to Recycle first
- rewire host or client
- adaptable gui
- better tutorials
- superb audio engine
- arpeggiator and lots of other cool included instruments & fx
- better sequencer
- session view!

Advantages Reason 3 over Live 5:
- complex audio routing
- less CPU usage
- rock stable on lesser systems
- closed, limited, environment encourages creativity
- true all-in-one studio, no need to purchase extra plugins
- some superb build-in instruments & fx

Hopefully the props will come out soon with some more frequent updates because for me, Reason is falling a bit behind.

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