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Old 2005-10-18, 02:02
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scenes / mixer memory-bank / flanger-chorus-phaser


+ the mixer should have a "memory", i.e.
if i set up a mix it should be able to
save it by one click (only mixer settings)
and then i make another mix of the same
song and could save that too. easily i
could restore the previous mix by just one
click on a "memory-bank-button". hope, you
got the idea

+ even further goes my second proposal:
make us save "scenes" which include complete
settings for all devices included in the song.
yes, i hear you say: "why don't you just save
a reason song?" - it's easy since i want to
be able to modify the song, but being able to
apply my patches to all devices by one click, i.e.
you could save a "electronic mix" and a "acoustic
version" in one song. same notes, same devices, but
each device might use different patches/settings...
could be useful for remixing/live performances or
just playing around to find the best fitting "soundset"

+ a new chorus/flanger/phaser multi-device with chooseable


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