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Reason Drum Kits

I just received Reason Drum Kits this week. However, when I went to register my new upgrade to Reason 3 (from 2.5) that I got today, I noticed the the Propellerheads have just introduced Reason Drum Kits 2.0 (for Reason 3)! I haven't even installed the version that I have, yet, as I was waiting for my upgrade to Reason 3 to arrive, before I did.

Obviously, I wouldn't have purchased Reason Drum Kits, had I known that 2.0 was coming out within this time frame (we're talking days- not months). So, yeah, I'm already disappointed, and I haven't even used the product. I have upgraded every version since 1.x and own Recycle 2.x. Ergo, I'm a pretty good customer.

Is there an upgrade path from v1- v2?

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