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An interlude from DJ Rob

I've had some spare time recently (gasp) and I've been getting back into another Reason-spree, to reacquaint myself while life takes a breather.

This is a short, experimental ambient song that is designed to be a bit of a break from the rest of the album (didn't even notice the symbolism until after I'd finished it, go figure), and it also blends perfectly into the following track. You can actually slightly hear the synth riff from the upcoming track at the end of this one.

I was debating on whether to post it, because the song doesn't have much of a "plot" to it, or any hooks/choruses, but I enjoyed the mood of this song on its own, and I thought I'd go ahead and post it up.

And I'm definitely rusty, so by all means criticism is welcome. Feel free to tear the track to peices in a reply, just let me know what it was that went wrong.

djrob - interlude

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