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Old 2005-10-22, 15:57
flipside01 flipside01 is offline
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using acid and reason together - recent/accurate info please


Right now I'm cheking out the demo version of reason, it looks great. I figured out you need another program if you want to add for example vocals or long samples.

Some years ago I used acid, which could do this easily. So I searched the forum to find out if they can be used together (make sounds etc in reason, link this to acid so that changes in reason will be heared instantly in acid, and add other stuff in acid to complete the song).

It seems that older versions of acid can not be used with reason, but newer version can. Can anyone please confirm if this is easily possible or not?

Then I also wonder why reason doesn't allow you to add a track with a wav file like in acid, that simple plays if the playhead moves over it. That shouldn't be that difficult?

I wanna buy reason because is it very cool to create nice synth sounds and to shape the sound of small samples. But I will only buy it if it can work together perfectly with acid. I say acid because I already know the program a bit and liked it a lot, and now I read good things about it.

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