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Old 2005-11-12, 13:32
tonymoss tonymoss is offline
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Very important suggestions for Reason & Recycle !!!

Sorry - new to this forum so forgive me if these have been suggested - some may be obvious.

1 - Reason VST : There are some applications that Reason can't be used for - obviously, audio editing. The instruments on it are still perfectly good however and for those of us who have built up reason libraries, it would be so much simpler to have them as plugins rather than having to rewire. I have used loads of them and still crave the usability e.t.c. of the Rex player, Drum, sampler e.t.c. - the sounds are as good too.
Unless you are going to make a full on rival to Cubase/Logic e.t.c. - why not extend the life of reason indefinatley. Apart from anything else, we can keep the sample library going e.t.c.

2 - Recycle/Rex player/timestretching. Why not included time stretching between slices in recycle (or even the player) - this would make the process so much more natural sounding and save hours of time when you're remixing, getting breaks e.t.c.

3 - Rex player for VST. The rex player (as above) is so useful and still simpler and quicker than Stylus e.t.c. -particularly if you included the above modeification!

Why not have a multiple rex player to rival stylus? sometimes, I find myself rewiring cubase, just so I can use a bank of rex players, routed through the reason mixer. Even with rewiring, it's still often the quickest and most convenient way of loading breaks e.t.c.

That's all for now. Reason is brilliant, but perhaps you should accept that while there are some things it can never do, you can extend the life indefinately through expandability and compatibility. Whatever new devices are brought out, reason instruments functionality and ease of use make them essential for me in any application.

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