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Old 2005-11-30, 09:42
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propellerheads big idea am i right i want my props!

i know what the propellerheads might do
because they are always thinking on
a different level. i was creating with
reason 3 when finally i ran into something
that made me think like this.

i believe they may be working on a new device
that is something like the combinator but
it is very different let me see if i can explain

Of course it is something that will certainly allow us to take
snap shots of devices and map automation data to devices..

but also - maybe the ability to record and edit the plot of data
in between the snapshots more intuitively with more of a powerful unique design kinda like a like a midi modifier cv unit with an elaborate control and routing scheme more better than that of the current sequencer and its current methonds using the lanes for basic typical access and control.

This unit which will give far more capability than the conventional automation... will enable us the ability
to recall and apply automation data to any one or more device concurrently at any point in time... so this device would be something special with some advancements that maybe be simular but are not nothing like that other product out there that vamps reason - (forgive me but i dont remember the site)

i think every body may already know about that product and i cant remember the name.

ALso and of course we could save these things
and bring them into other songs with this new device. This thing would literally be a nice compliment to like the combi device but some on steroids with the ability to of course to utilize markers maybe and with a couple of new tricks up its sleeve.

Now also i think this new device will give us the ability
to control and grab the data in the arrangement to create
patterns with or without the automation data in a nice manner

Now aside from of course giving us some
other new conventional device for
processing. Or maybe even a new instrument to
as well - i cant say maybe i dont know about that.

but i was thinking where else could they
go to take reason on a whole nother level?

after all how many effects and different synths do you need?
all the building blocks are right there.. i stop blaming the tool
and learned how to use devices in depth i think this is something everyone one goes thru maybe to achieve the desired results you want.

i like reason because it give the ability
to take the tools and use them with individuality
because there is always more than just one way
to do things regardless if it is conventional or not.

the only thing i dont like with music sometime is all the secrets associated with the art form people hoarding their knowledge to the grave. i dont know how many people i turned on to reason i stop counting at ver2.

Excuse the bad english
kindest regards.

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