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Old 2005-12-10, 08:07
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Patch Bay, Cable View Options, Arpeggiator.

I'm waiting for some video to render and thought I would throw out a few suggestions since I've been using Reason pretty heavily over the last week or so and the ideas are fresh.

I know some (if not all) have been suggested before, but hey... one more vote can't hurt, right?

1. Patch Bay
This would be incredibly helpful to sort out the spaghetti behind the rack. Some nice features would be the ability to color group jacks, automatically route all jacks on a device to the nearest patch bay, and perhaps separate bays for different cable types.

Where patch bays would become REALLY helpful, however, would be in the ability to save a setup as a "patchbay patch." As an example, I currently end up having to either keep two versions of a Reason song, one for in-program work, and a second with individual routings to the hardware outs for ReWire work in a DAW. With a saved setup, I could easily go back and forth.

2. Enhanced Cable Display
The main reason I wanted the patch bay is that I frequently get frustrated when trying to track a cable into a crowded area. This is especially maddening when going from a device at the bottom of a large rack to the top.

What I would like is the visual equivalent of audio solo and mutes. Using a modifier key, I'd be able to show only the cables from a single device, or a single L/R pair, etc. Or turn off *some* cable displays but not others.

It would also be nice to get a tool tip not only at the jack point, but at any point along the cable. I saw another suggestion that wanted a tool tip with an icon of the source device which I think is a good idea.

Combinators help in some instances, but I think a little more functionality and flexibility for cable visualization would be very helpful.

3. ReBirth 303.
ReBirth is dead, long live ReBirth! I'm glad to have the combinator refills with all of the mods and drum machines, but I really miss the elegance and simplicity of the 303 section. This isn't a must-have feature for me, but it sure would be a nice throw-in.

4. Full-Screen Mode
I frequently find myself grabbing the corner of the window in an attempt to make the rack window wider. About half of the time it's because I want to make the things bigger and easier to see from a distance, and the other half it's to hide the clutter on the desktop.

5. Arpeggiator
Yeah, you can kludge this with two matrix and a spider (per page 249 in the manual) but I want a rip-roaring, old school arpeggiator done up 21st century Reason style. I'm not even going to suggest specifics because I know the Prop Head brains will come up with something far better than I would have imagined.

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