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Remix this...

What's up y'all,

I've been working on a song and kinda got stuck with it. I really like what I have so far but I got to a point where my creativity changed and I started working on other stuff.

Anyway, I want to see what others here on the forum are capable of doing so I uploaded the .rns file so anybody can remix it, if they want.

My only request is that the song remain G-rated (nothing explicit or sexually oriented) and that I get credit where I deserve it.

If you feel that you can make money off of your remix, go ahead, I have no financial interest in your remix of my song.

Basically, I want to see if any people out there want to share new ideas based on one song.

The song is called Brennan House. First I'll upload a 30 second MP3 sample. Then I'll post the link for the .rns file.

Post your remixes here for the rest of the forum to hear.
Click here to download "Brennan House Remix Project" MP3 clip (651k)

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