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Old 2006-01-03, 11:34
bleighton bleighton is offline
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Browser window that works better (for Mac anyway)

[all these relate to the Mac version. I've never used the PC version so I don't know if they affect it]

Lovely as many of the new Reason 3 browser window features are, I have several problems with it that make it seem pretty clunky.

1) it never appears at the postion & size that I left it. Every single time I open it I have to move and resize it. If you're loading lots of files this is a real snag on your workflow, especially as it responds pretty slowly.

2) You have to click on a portion of the window to make the scroll wheel respond to it. Apple apps have superior functionality in this respect, which I wish Reason had.

3) I'd like to be able to resize some of the elements in the window. For instance, my locations list is long whilst my favourites list is short, so I have unecessary scrolling to do every time.

4) Columns view. This obviously won't bother PC users, but once you have used Mac columns view for browsing files, using other methods seems like using an older OS and is a bit painfull.

5) The ability to stop the track playback from the browser window would be nice. Often I think I want to preview sounds with the track running, then find it would be better if I didn't. Cancelling and re-opening the browser seems like a shame for the want of a simple Stop button.

These are obviously small points individually, but all together they make the browser window a bit of a chore. For something that is supposed to enchance workflow (which it still does) it seems like a real shame.

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