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Old 2006-01-04, 15:39
pim007 pim007 is offline
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Look no further: THIS is how the next Reason has to be !

Ok, guys at Propellerhead, take note ! ;-) Build these features into Reason 4 and the program will be as good as complete :

- a new device that would allow audio input, so you could for example just record a simple guitar loop on top of your "classical" Reason mix, directly as an audio sample or a Dr. Rex loop.

- VST and AU plugin support !!!! Or just any plugin support would already be great...

- a new Redrum device, with more channels, the same parameters on each channel (like the Start rotary), more possibilities than just soft medium and hard, and perhaps a 32-step line to have more overview on your pattern

- the Sequencer could also slightly be improved and made more user-friendly (e.g. labels to see the exact value of your automation graphic)

- perhaps some more "graphical" effect devices (I'm thinking about your Compressor and Stereo Imager for example), but if you guys make plugin support, no much need for that ;-)

- many many more coool combinator patches, effects, and sounds and whatever your creativity leads you to you guys are doing a great job ;-) And that Mastering Suite was the best move ever ! Really makes the difference.

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