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Old 2006-01-04, 20:14
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what could possibly make the redrum better?

not that it's perfect, not by any means, but it also serves as a very sleek and intuitive part of the reason rack. mabey if there were more velocity options, instead of 3, mabey 5?

mabey if you could layer more than one sample per channel and adjust the start, end, decay, etc of each sample?

mabey i should just use the nn-xt if i want to get more complicated! LOL!

but seriously, mabey if there was a grid layout, sort of like the older tr rolands with the lcds, like the 707... that would be super sweet. it would make things a lot quicker.

personally i think that if they ever revamp or change, or even all together make a new drum machine, they should focus on speed, rather than functionality, or both, but keep the main focus as user friendly and quick to use and lay down patterns.


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