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Remote Maps

Can anyone tell me why Propellerhead is just making Remote Maps themselves and putting them up on their web site for download, rather than making the customers wait for another Reason version update?

It seem suspicious to me that propellerhead decided open remote map making to midi controller companies several months after releasing Remote technology in Reason. This must mean that they realized that they are a business, and order for a business to succeed, it must make money. Its not a good way to make money by using all this labor to create remote maps which won't produce anymore income(because they would have to be available for free download on their web site, and also who the hell would PAY for a remote map). But if your not going to make anymore remote maps, and HOPE the midi controller companies will make their own, then why even bother coming up with Remote in the first place.

If I had to guess, I would say that sooner or later we're going to see Propellerhead dump Remote technology.

One idea my friend has is to make a Map making program with an easy to use UI so that anyone with no idea of what a midi cc message is can easily make a map for their controller. And make it available the same way Reload is- free to registered users, Small fee to those who aren't.

But I didn't mean for this to be a feature suggestion post. I just wanted to discuss the future of Remote.

Anyone who wishes to comment on wether Remote has a future or not and why, please do so. Idea love to read the replies.


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