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Old 2006-01-09, 10:28
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Major bug ! Some samples are imported with wrong root key !!

Some samples are imported with wrong root key.
When this happens, usually this is 2 semitones
away from the right key.
Don't believe me ?
Try this sample :

The root key of this sample is E4.
(you can check it out with awave, soundforge, etc...)
But reason sets the root key at F#4 !
This is just an example, it happens
on many many samples.

This is VERY annoying.

By the way, here is a very simple request :

I'd like to select samples (up/down) in the nn19
with my remote comtroller, not with a mouse click.

When this root key bug is corrected and this feature
is implemented, I will buy Reason. Otherwise it is useless
to me. Thanks.


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