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Suggestions on a problem I'm having

Hello. I've been using Reason 3.0 for a year now in march. I love this program alot, but been having a problem with finished songs. I don't know if this is a mastering problem in reason or just in general Reason's sound enviroment but-well i write Trance. High nrg, like dj fright stuff. By the time my song is through, it sounds like every sound is "jumbled" together, like nothing is seperated in it's own sound channel, around the stereo field. It sounds like everything just booms from the center channel of my headphones. I get no real stereo effect. Everytime i try to use the damn stereo imager and try to make it more "wide" sounding, it makes the sound thin and"in the distance". For example: I will start my track off with a nice kick. Preferabbly 4 on 4. Add some bass, still clean sounding. Add in the hihats, ok, but getting jumbly.The arpreggio, starting to sound really jumbly. Then when i get my main lead going, forget it. Everything sounds mashed together. It's aggravating because i have many good trance refills, so the sounds are there, but then this crap is totally raining on the parade. I mean, could it be the headphones i'm using to write with?It's not giving me a good sound parameter? There cheap Coby headphones i bought from FYE. I was looking into this Bose pair of headphones that are $170, but i'm not sure. Any suggestions that could help me on maybe what i'm doing wrong?

Anything welcome...


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