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A more flexible ReWire implementation

I would like to see Reason offer a more flexible ReWire implementation. Right now, I can have 1 stereo channel and 62 mono channels. This works great if the only outputs used are the ones connected to the Reason Mixer.

I prefer to mix in Cubase and use Reason as a sound module. In this scenario, I could use multiple stereo outputs.

I would like to see an implementation similar to that of Acid Pro 5. I can have as many as 26 additional stereo busses and 32 additional mono busses. This is user configurable

Here is my suggestion.

The total number of Reason outputs on the Hardware interface is 64 (mapped via ReWire to 1 stereo channel and 62 mono channels to the host app). I think this is a sufficient number.

In Reason, I would configure the number of ReWire stereo channel outputs I would like. The maximum stereo bus count would be 32. Once this number was selected, Reason could internally calculate the remaining number of mono busses to make available. Here is an example equation.

monoBusses = 64 - (stereoBusses*2);

For example if I had 8 stereo channels, this equation would yield a mono Bus count of 48. If I set my stereo busses to the maximum number of 32, I would have a mono Bus count of 0.

The algorithm can test to make sure the number of stereo bus counts does not exceed 32 or drop below 1. Since the algorithm controls the mono bus count, the equation would always yield a valid result.

Right now the work around is to link 2 mono channels together in the DAW app and hard pan one to the left and the other to the right. However, this is inconvenient.

Just my .02 to help make the product work for me.


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