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Old 2006-01-12, 16:55
frequenze frequenze is offline
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Problems findin a nice sound in subkicks and basses

I know this is a bit "sit n experiment thing" but right now Im sick of it..

I've have a lot of problems findin the Hz for subbasses (subkicks) with a long realese.
They sound good in my Tannoy speakers but for example in my laptops small speakers it just sounds like a small pop or something. Anyone got any tips or knows how I can do to find the woofy kick to sound nice?

Here's another problem.
Normal or acoustic kicks I find great around 60Hz.. but have a lot problems gettin a acoustic bass work together with the kick.. things I normal do is to lower the db on the bassguitar around 60Hz and it sounds good in the soundpicture. But then I dont get the bass that I want... it aint even sound like its comin through..
So its all ended up with me not layin any bass on my beats anymore. Thats quite sad because I got into music as a bassplayer

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