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Melohman style preset morphing


I've been playing around with my new purchase Sympthom which is part of the Melohman line.

'What is this Melohman?' I hear you cry;

"The Melohman technology sets a new standard in music performance by offering a revolutionary way to drive your instrument. An octave of the keyboard is dedicated to sound sculpture while you are playing: preset morphing, parameter mutation, etc. No need to tweak loads of knobs or to fiddle with the mouse; everything is within the performer?s reach."

Now wouldn't it be cool if all the Reason machines had this feature?

Imagine morphing between your favourite Malstrom presets, you could even theoretically morph between different instruments if props so desired.
For example playing a subtractor bass line which then morphs into a beautiful piano motiff on the NNXT. The mind tingles with the possibilities.


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