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Old 2006-01-30, 04:24
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Yeah, why isn't there an arpegiator... where you can load your own midi loops.. like a beefed up Matrix on acid?

Now THAT is what I call a LIVE feature.

Also... could you re-invent MIDI while you are at it? Cause... MIDI is good and everything, but there are only 127 values. I mean come on guys... you invented Re-Wire, you are technology starters it's prooven. Oh come on... give us real midi man!

One thing I'd also like to ask you Tech Prop Headz is... when i change from 120-121 midi value on my RES filter... or volume control or whatever else... (midi or mouse) am I getting the Reason engine to draw all the frequencies between 120 and 121? And if not, can I do that with CV?

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