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Are Tempo and Sequencer Always Linked?

I have been using Reason since version 2.0 for live performance with a live band. Here are some features that I would like to see updated.

I posted on the feature request board but if anyone has any clues on how to fix this stuff let me know. I already use a 34one tap tempo pedal (with mixed results)

1. The # 1 thing on my list is a dedicated tap tempo "button" in the software that is midi mapable. This would solve 99% of my problems. The button should be able to receive tempo information AND have the OPTION to send (or not send) a START message to the sequencer.

2. Independent control of sequencer and midi clock. In other words. I want to send a tempo to Reason via a tap tempo device and have the tempo affect the playable synths (malstrom has some great tempo synched patches - but seems to require running the sequencer to sync them.) So - I would like to be able to play malstrom in sync for part A of the song, then start the sequencer with a button push at part B.

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