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Mixer and sequencer suggestions

For the mixer, it would be great to be able to label each channel. This would be *especially* useful when connecting the multi-outs from an NN-XT directly into a mixer. I know this one's already been requested, but I thought I'd throw a vote in for it.

As for the sequencer, I would REALLY like to have automation tracks get the same labels as the thing(s) they are controlling.

For instance, this weekend I was putting a song together that had 14 different percussion instruments from an NN-XT going into a 14:2 mixer. It was a real PITA trying to keep track of which of the 14 automation tracks represented which instrument. So instead of just having "Mixer Channel 1 level" appear at the 'head' of the track, it could have 'Djembe 1 level' or whatever.

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